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DATEX User Forum videos published

On DATEX User Forum web are published video recorded sessions from DATEX User Forum in Prague 2014.

As Youtube gives a bit higher level of comfort for watching them, we have published them there.

When watching the videos, you might also take advantage of Powerpoint and PDF presentations being available for download.

There is around 16 recorded sessions (alphabetically sorted).

  • Comprehensive tour through the DATEX II data model
  • Cross border data exchange becoming reality in Austria-Slovenia-Italy triangle
  • DATEX II User Forum 2014 in Prague Intro
  • DATEX II as information basis for ITP app ParckR
  • DATEX II profiles and extensions
  • Delivering weather data with DATEX II services
  • Experience in DATEX II ITP profile implementation – ITP project A9 Munich-Nuremberg
  • Experience with ITS standards in pan-European project Superhub
  • Experiences in implementing and operating a DATEX II exchange platform
  • Image distribution with DATEX II services
  • National deployment in the Netherlands
  • National deployment of DATEX II in Norway
  • National deployments in Portugal
  • New urban DATEX II nodes in Finland
  • Opening Plenary Session
  • The DATEX II parking extension and its standardisation

DATEX User Forum has a tradition in publishing presentations on-line, so complete set of links to presentations from all recent Forums is here:

We are proud, that in Prague we have managed to record the sessions and share them with others as we believe, the content has long term value for many of you.

Recording and post processing was done by Výpočetní a informační centrum of Czech Technical University in Prague and I have to say, they did great work, so you will in many cases hear and see more, then people being present in place.

If watching any of these recorded sessions raises doubts or questions, we will be glad to answer them or link you to the person we think is the most competent ones.