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Final Consortium Meeting of the LOD-ROADTRAN18 project

The members of the "LOD-RoadTran18 – Supporting the cross-border use of Road Traffic Data with Linked Open Data based on DATEX" project are preparing themselves for the final consortium meeting on the 27th September 2022, where they are going to discuss the results of the project and the last steps to formally complete the management of this co-founded project with the HADEA Agency.

In this CEF Open Data action, Traffic Data from Spain and Czechia is published on the European Portal data.europe.eu to be exploited by public and private institutions according to their needs. Furthermore, it can be linked to other open data resources, e.g. about geolocation, thus opening new opportunities to applications related to innovative concepts such as Internet of Things, Smart Cities or Big Data.


The LOD-RoadTran18 that aims to support the re-use of dynamic Road Traffic Data in and across the Czech Republic and Spain is co-financed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) (2018-EU-IA-0088) through the CEF Telecom programme.1

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