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Project Kamelot accepted

We got a letter from TACR (Technology agency of the Czech Republic) that our proposal for research project dealing with wide-scale publishing of traffic information in standardized formats was accepted and we shall have our effort co-funded.

The project is planned to last from now till end of 2016.

Kamelot - delivering your primary traffic information to wide audience

Official name of the project is Kamelot - Complex solution for distributing traffic information in standardized formats.

We are going to provide more details about this project later on, but for now we can quickly serve annotation of the project, as stated in our project proposal.


Project Kamelot aims to bridge the difference between ability of an entity to create valuable primary content (traffic information) on the one hand , and on the other hand a functional, efficient and quality providing of that information to consumer, preferably in a standardized format.

Documentation module allows documentation of traffic information provided and description of used exchange protocols.

Integration of Internet based consumer administration module (3scale) ensures management of consumers including optional set up of pricing schemes, monitoring volume of consumed data and related billing .

Archiving module provides controlled archiving of published data.

Testing module allows evaluation of structural and content correctness of published data.

Monitoring module will monitor set of runtime characteristics and detect problem situations.

Plug-in system allows transformation to arbitrary formats, preferably DATEX II and TPEG.

Service Trans -Loc allows transcoding of location references between different systems such as locating tables Alert- C (RDS - TMC), OpenLR and map data sets in GDF 5.0 format from different suppliers.

Related methodology for documenting and distributing traffic information (12/2016) will help both small and large producers of primary traffic information providing their data to large community of consumers on Internet by system Kamelot (12/2016) .


We have set up a small consorcium for this project consisting of:

Target audience

Results of the project shall serve for those, who have some valuable primary traffic information and would like to set up distribution of it to wide audience. This may include subjects like:

  • road operators
  • parking facility operators
  • municipalities having data to share with external consumers

or you already distribute your data, but face problems like:

  • documenting the data you provide
  • conversion into standardized formats (DATEX II, TPEG)
  • transforming location description into other location referencing systems
  • monitoring
  • evaluating quality
  • archiving
  • billing your consumers

If you fall into any of these categories mentioned above, stay tuned or if you like, contact us if you would like to participate in testing.