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LOD-ROADTRAN18 present the Second Interim Report

source: https://www.piqsels.com

Together with all project partners we have prepared the Second Interim Report that will be sent in the next few days to HaDEA, where we reviewed the activities carried out of the action so far.

During the first two years of the project we completed the Analysis of legal and technical background for making Linked Open Traffic Data actionable (Activity 3), Analysis of the implementation of the PSI and ITS Directives (Activity 4), and Analysis and revision of models for road traffic and travel information in Europe (Activity 5). Furthermore, during the next months Activities 6 (Linked Open Traffic Data concept development) and 7 (Technical systems proposal) will be completed, these activities were prolonged till 03/2022.

We are progressing in the development of a model (ontologies + vocabularies) to be used in the linked open traffic data context and in the design and creation of an interface, which allows data to be queried in a uniform manner.

In this sense, the work developed through this action continues to advance to achieve its objective is to support the re-use of Road Traffic Data in and across the Czech Republic and Spain, making this data accessible, searchable, interoperable, and reusable via the European Data portal, and enabling it to be connected to data from other sectors by using Linked Open Data.


The LOD-RoadTran18 that aims to support the re-use of dynamic Road Traffic Data in and across the Czech Republic and Spain is co-financed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) (2018-EU-IA-0088) through the CEF Telecom programme.1

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