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LOD technical system proposal in the LOD-ROADTRAN18

Within the LOD-ROADTRAN18 project, activity 7 (technical proposal) we are striving to design and create an interface, which allows data to be queried in a uniform manner. Making the publication of data in Category 5 (LOD) possible with a supplementary service SPARQL endpoint.

In the activity 7 we have designed a technical system for getting traffic data from different sources, tagging, and processing it as linked (open) data, together with subscription and querying capabilities and tested it as a concept.

Firstly we have created a high level architecture of the whole system and its surrounding components taht allowed us to focus on definition of interfaces between components and further on the technical (SW) solutions.

technical system proposal
High level component architecture, source: TamTam Research

Apart from consuming the data from NTIC the proposed platform splits the data into information units and converts them to LOD, while retaining the capability to query original content via API. The API allows to access history of individual records as well as access all messages valid at certain time (Snapshot)

api for querying original data
API for querying DATEX records, source: TamTam Research

The designed platform shall enrich data by LOD content (vocabularies created within the project) process and publish the data by the SPARQL endpoint. (Amazon Neptune/Virtuoso)

Also a Quality measurement and monitoring systems is designed using (prometheus+loki+grafana).

quality system
Monitoring of system and conversion parameters, source: TamTam Research

The component described above will be further developed and deployed within the Activity 8 Implementation.

Project LODRoadTran18 (Supporting the cross-border use of Road Traffic Data with Linked Open Data based on DATEX II) continues its successful development. The project aims to improve the extraction of meaning from traffic data and enable other types of services that can only be achieved using LOD.


The LOD-RoadTran18 that aims to support the re-use of dynamic Road Traffic Data in and across the Czech Republic and Spain is co-financed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) (2018-EU-IA-0088) through the CEF Telecom programme.1

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