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Project TurboTMC web is up

Finally we have managed to set up project web presentation for our project TurboTMC.

On url http://turbotmc.com/ you will find summarized information related to this project:

  • Project mission (Alert-Plus review, RDS-TMC Dev Suite, RDS-TMC receiver, transmitter and Monitor)
  • Technologies used (RDS, RDS-TMC, Alert-C, Alert-Plus)
  • Solutions offered (probe, monitor, audit, map, dev suite, encoder...)
  • Use cases
    • Already providing RDS-TMC service
    • Moving new RDS-TMC service into production
    • Planning to deploy new RDS-TMC service
    • Developing mobile RDS-TMC application
    • Searching for a solution easing up the parking mess in your city
    • Searching for status information distribution channel

Visit the page, and if any of use cases appeals to you, do contact us.