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TurboMaps - RDS-TMC messages in web map application

If you are not feeling as an expert for every bit and byte of RDS in the air, but really need to have a chance to check, what traffic information is broadcast by your RDS-TMC service, TurboMaps is our answer to your needs.

The application is accessible on web (publicly or privately, as needed) and let you:

  • switch between multiple RDS probes (which may be in many different locations)
  • see decoded RDS-TMC messages
    • in a table
    • in detail view
    • in map (if the location can be decoded)
  • evaluate overall RDS quality parameters
    • share of different RDS group types
    • quality of reception
    • gap between consequtive 8A RDS groups
    • share of different 8A group types

The dashboard view can look like:


You may check our currently running TurbomMaps testing instance.

Interested for your own instance?

If you like, we may set up such application for your RDS-TMC service. It may be accessible only to your people, or you may make it public to anyone, as you prefer.